Our Process

Before Our  First  Meeting:

You will  need to fill out our Bridal Consultation Form, this way we have a good springboard for  discussing the feeling and style you want to create with the flowers and decor,  please try to fill  this out  12- 24 hours before  our Consultation Meeting  so I have a chance to look  over and review!

Meeting One: Consultation Meeting

(typically runs 45 min- 1 hr

In this meeting we discuss locations and times, quantities on what you will be needing, as well as the colors and styles you are looking to use. In this meeting we ask that you bring any ideas or photos of flowers/ designs you might have, as well as invitations, dresses or any other “color/style” items you already selected. This way we can really brainstorm and think of the best to achieve your vision, as well as keep everything as a cohesive design. (We do have design books as well as images of events we have done in the past in the store that you can look through during the meeting, but If you need help finding images at home, please check out our Pinterest Page to see different design boards created by our designer.)

****Note: Sometimes (especially if I have never been there before, or we are installing any larger design elements) it is a good idea to do a walk through of the event space, as well as meet with the onsite coordinator. If this is meeting is applicable, we will set a time for this and the official proposal will be sent out after the walk through, while more of a loose “style” proposal will be sent out after the first meeting.

After the First Meeting:

After the first meeting I will email you a detailed proposal (typically 3-4 days) complete with pictures and detailed descriptions of what we discussed in the meeting as well as any other design elements I find that would really add to your event. The proposal is broken down by location and itemized so you will also get a clearer idea of budget as well as what will be used in each space of the event. We ask that you let us know that you are interested in our services within 2 weeks of receiving your proposal (again because we only do up to two events per day we would like to lock down the date for you as soon as possible!)

****Note: Sometimes there is a need for a meeting after the proposal has been sent out, either due to design elements shifting directions or a possible re-working of some of the proposal ideas. If this is necessary we can always schedule another meeting, at which time another proposal will be sent out after (typically 3-4 days after the meeting.)

Payment Information: After the proposal is reviewed and you are happy with the vision we have come up with, we ask for a $250 deposit to hold your date and move forward with the process


Meeting Two: Sample Meeting

(takes place either right after the first meeting or as soon as seasonal items are available, this appointment needs to be scheduled one week in advance to ensure all the necessary products can be ordered, typically runs 30- 45 min)

This is the fun meeting! Your Sample Meeting is where you will get to select 1-3 floral pieces (depending on what your needs are) done completely as they would look on the day of your event (typically in a wedding this would be some combination of centerpiece(s), and personal piece(s) as well as any hard goods you are renting, i.e. chairs, table linens, chargers etc.) This really gives you a complete picture of how your day is going to come together. This is also where we can make any changes to designs, and iron out any new details that may have come up.

After the Second Meeting:

I will send you an edited proposal to include any changes that were discussed, as well as pictures of the the sample pieces that were viewed.

Payment Information: After you have seen all the beautiful elements that will make up your event and bring your vision to life, we ask for 1/2 of the remaining balance to be put down


Meeting Three: Final Meeting

(takes place about 2 weeks before the wedding, typically runs 15- 30 minute)

This meeting is where we go over all the final details, table count, set-up and delivery times, and anything else that may have come up since the sample meeting. This meeting is also where you need to sign your rental agreement (if applicable), as well as take care of the remaining balance for your event.


After This Meeting:


****Note: Send me pictures!!!!!

Terms:  Payments must be in cash, check or credit card.  Once payments are made (see above for timeline) they are non-refundable.

Substitutions:  We reserve the right to make substitutions in the event the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your wedding.  In this event, the integrity of the proposed color scheme will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used.  Example:  Wax flowers ordered as a filler flower for bouquets but weather conditions cause unavailability or poor quality.  Pink heather or similar filler would be used.  Red roses would Not be substituted for white orchids.