We are a boutique business so we only do up to 2 weddings per day and because of our smaller more intimate scale operation I (Erin Rose Specht) am your personal wedding floral consultant, that means I will create your proposal, design the pieces for the sample meeting, oversee all the floral productions and be on site the day of your event overseeing set-up!  If you want to learn more about me and my background click here and for a gallery of some of my work over the past few years click here!

The first thing is getting in contact with me to see that I have your date/ deliver to your ceremony/ reception venue to do this I ask you to fill out a small contact information form.  (For an example click here)

The second after I have made sure the basics for your wedding all look good, I send you a questionnaire to better get the ideas for your vision, it is a little long but it really helps me paint the full picture of your wedding day in the proposal.

After you fill out the questionnaire I will put together a proposal mock up, click here to view an example of our proposal.


The first in person meeting for us is to go over the proposal and the vision for your wedding, here we can discuss other options for the decor and really get into the details of the flower options and accessories! (You get to check out my very cool stock pile of awesome wedding accessories and look into our floral coolers for further inspiration!) (This meeting typically takes anywhere from 30- 45 minutes)

From there if everything looks good I will take a $250 deposit to hold your date for you!

Step 2: Sample meeting

After the Proposal Meeting we pencil in a tentative date for your sample meeting, this can either be 2-3 months before your wedding date or if you are a super planner and we have the full year, we can do your sample meeting a year out from your wedding.  In the sample meeting you will see the full mock up of 2 of your pieces, this can include a bouquet and centerpiece or 2 centerpiece options.  That way we can break down the pieces and more fully discuss the style and flowers.  This is a fun meeting because it really gives a taste of how amazing and beautiful your wedding will be! At the end of this meeting I take 50% of the remaining balance. (This is a fairly detailed meeting so I tell clients it can take 45- 60 minutes)

after this meeting

After this meeting I will revise anything that needs to be revised and send you a copy of your proposal with the sample meeting pictures added in for you.

Step 3: final meeting

Our third and final meeting happens about 2 weeks- 10 days before the wedding, here is where we finalize all the quantities and timing for delivery, the name and contact of your photographer (that way we can be sure to get pictures of all the beautiful flowers and decor taken for you!) and the name/ contact of any day of planner or matre'd at the venue with whom we will need to set-up timing with.  At this point if you have anything you need to drop off to me I will take those items then!  At the end of this meeting final payment is due, anything added on last minute after this meeting will be put on a credit card. (This meeting is pretty quick- I tell clients to block out only about 20-30 minutes for this one.) 

After this meeting

That is it!  I know it may seem like a lot, but I take a lot of pride that my work is a true reflection of everything our clients imagine their big day to be. And we have a lot of past clients who have raved about their experiences with us! Click here to view some of our reviews on Wedding Wire!

I can't wait to start working with you soon!

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