I know that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, that is why we have streamlined our process over the past 12 years to give our clients the most comprehensive yet simple guide to the floral planning/ execution for their big day!

Step 1: Consultation Meeting

This is where we meet (preferable in person but we can do it via Skype or e-mails if needed to accommodate the couple's schedule) and you bring in all of your pinterest pictures/ swatches/ ideas and we discuss your vision for your day.

After the meeting

I create and send you a full proposal document, this is complete with lots of pictures of different flowers and arrangement/ decor styles as well as line by line pricing and totals for everything you are looking for.  We treat this document like a rough draft and can edit this document as much or as little as we need to between the time of it's creation until 2 weeks before your big day!  If the general idea of everything in the proposal looks good we sign the contract (stating that I will be the florist for you that day) and we take the $250 date holding deposit.

Step 2: Sample meeting

This is the fun meeting where you get to see 2 of your floral pieces (typically some combination of bouquet(s)/ centerpiece(s)) and where we can make an adjustments we need to the flowers/ colors/ or look of the arrangements.  This meeting can take place 2 months before the wedding date (once the flowers we are looking to use are in season) or if you are sure about the color scheme/ look and style and have booked us a year in advanced we can do it close to your wedding date 1 year out to give you the best idea of what the flowers look like at that time of year.  At this meeting we take 50% of the remaining balance.

after this meeting

You get an updated copy of the proposal with the pictures from the sample meeting and the updated balance.

Step 3: final meeting

This meeting takes place 2 weeks to 10 days before the big day.  This meeting is where we finalize all of the quantities of floral pieces you will be needing for your wedding.  The times and locations of drop offs/ set-ups of your floral pieces and decor will be finalized at this meeting and the final rental/ pick up contract If applicable) will be signed.  The final balance for the flowers will also be due at this time, and your flowers will be ordered.

After this meeting

Sit back and enjoy your beautiful wedding!




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